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R & D

R&D Capability

  • Launcher (UI) design and develop
  • Firmware development
  • Applications/Software for Android 5.1 and above
  • Customize Android for IPTV, media center and HD OTT TV box
  • OTT TV box based on Amlogic and RockChip
  • OTT TV box PCB layout
  • structure and mold design

r-d zoomtak


With independent R&D, SMT and assemble production line, We provide professional OEM and ODM services to many IPTV/OTT TV box platforms and wholesales stores worldwide. Our strong R&D team are rich of professional technical knowledge and experience both hardware and software. We can customize OTT TV box based on customer requirements as follows:

  • Create unique UI (launcher)
  • Firmware development (include boot screen, boot animation)
  • Layout PCB board and design new mould
  • Customize packing (include OTT TV box case and gift box)
  • Customize Kodi

r d zoomtak

zoomtak 2018 tv box